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Victims of Haifa Rocket Strikes: Habib Isa Awad and Shimon Glikblich were killed Sunday in separate rocket attacks on Haifa.

24/07/2006, By Haaretz Staff

Habib Isa Awad, 48, of Iblin

Habib Isa Awad went to work Sunday at the carpentry shop in the Kiryat Ata industrial zone, where he was employed for 20 years. According to family and friends, he never even considered staying at home. Awad, a Christian Arab, was married and the father of four: two daughters, aged 7 and 15; and two sons, 11 and 13.

Habib Hajj, a close friend and relative, said that Awad wanted only to provide for his family. "He was a good man, in every sense of the word, who cared only about taking care of his wife and children, nothing else interested him and certainly not regional politics."

Awad was one of the most senior employees at the Siboni carpentry shop, the place where he was killed. Owner David Siboni said that Awad was a dedicated and trustworthy employee, who was devoted to his work.

Word of Awad's death was circulating around the village even before police officers came to his home to inform his family.

Shimon Glikblich, 60, of Haifa

Shimon Glikblich worked in the Spanish nursing home in Haifa's Neveh Sha'anan neighborhood. He immigrated from Moscow with his wife, Paulina, and daughter, Yulia, 15 years ago.

Yulia, who is in her twenties and is studying social work, said yesterday: "He was a good father, he liked to help people. Everyone knew him. Until it happens to you, you don't believe that something like this can happen."

Paulina said that for Shimon, "his daughter was his whole world, he loved her so. He was on his way home from work when it happened. He went to work because people hadn't been coming the past several days and we tried to go on as usual. He didn't think about the missiles and continued to work."

A neighbor who was friendly with Glikblich added that "he was a very industrious person. He left for work every morning at five, he was very attached to his family. The family is very nice and quiet. It's just terrible what happened."


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