Molecular Biology and its Recent Historiography
A Transnational Quest for the “Big Picture”

Abir-Am, Pnina G. History of Science, 44 (2006), 95-118PDF document.

PDF document

“These ten books, among others published in the last five years, testify to increasing scholarly activity in the history of molecular biology, as well as evincing a multitude of methods aimed at reconciling the elusive desideratum of the ‘big picture’ for a discipline at the very centre of socially pertinent science, with the persistent difficulty of extrapolating from limited, local, but more manageable case-studies often revolving around a single unit of analysis, such as an experiment, a laboratory, a scientist, or a scientific institution. This essay review identifies several analytical themes that loomed large in the recent historiography of molecular biology, and compares how different books address those themes. It concludes with a brief discussion of missing themes, while also suggesting new lines of research.”