DNA at 50

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Please choose from the following themes (#1-4) for guest lectures:
“DNA at 50: History and the Ethics of Memory”

The following themes, (#1-4, below) taken from my forthcoming book (The 50th Anniversary of DNA Structure, 2003/ 1953: History, Cultural Memory, and Moral Genealogy in UK, US, and Elsewhere) reflect major aspects of the “DNA at 50” commemorative events. Each theme can be further adapted to local interests; (e.g. regional or disciplinary relevance) it can stand alone or be part of a lecture series/ course/ panel discussion. For example, #1 appeals to history and philosophy of science; #2 fits science policy, history, and social sciences; #3 includes new angles for women's studies, esp. women in science and British history; while #4 appeals to scientists, historians, anthropologists, cultural critics. Alternately, I'd be happy to have your own suggestions for other disciplinary/ institutional contexts of co-sponsorship. I look forward to participating in such events under your auspices as keynote speaker or commentator. Please choose from the following options.

  1. Why historical and ethical issues remain unresolved 50 years later? Should the discovery of DNA structure be renamed?
  2. Who paid for DNA research and why? How much?The balance of public versus private funding for “hot biology” before and during the Cold War.
  3. Gender, race, class, and personality in science: Rosalind Franklin and other DNA women as seen in movies, plays, and visual arts.
  4. Commemorative agendas in US, UK, and elsewhere, or the global politics of cultural memory in science and society. (a propos “DNA at 50”)


Selected Previous Lectures by the PI on DNA at 50

  1. Duke University, February 2005
  2. Georgia Tech University, January 2004
  3. Notre Dame University, September 2004
  4. Indiana University, Bloomington, September 2003
  5. University of Indiana, September 2003
  6. AAAS, Denver, Colorado, February 15, 2003
  7. Royal Institution, London, April 28, 2003
  8. Israel Academy of Science, Jerusalem, May 1, 2003
  9. Rockefeller University, New York City, May 14, 2003